About Us

Over 15 years, Manthra has specialized in creating innovative and high-quality solutions to the needs and challenges of editorial, educational, cultural development and communication projects.

From the birth of an idea, to its transformation into a message, image and content, we create materials that generate knowledge, sensitize and communicate in order to contribute to the positive evolution of people, communities and society.

For us, communication is more than a combination of forms and ideas; it is to add value and meaning, is to illuminate and clarify. It is to summon and inspire.


Manthra is a multidisciplinary company that offers communicational and educational solutions through products, campaigns and strategies that, with a positive vision of reality, contribute to social development and human growth.


To be a national and international established company, a reference in communication with an educational approach, with an experienced team, that gives assertive and innovative responses to the needs of our clients, with whom we build a trustworthy and enriching relationship.


equipo Manthra comunicación